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Requirements: You must have a job role that includes the View Color Management user right.

  1. Using Safari web browser, log on to Prepress Portal, and open the job whose pages you want to review for color accuracy.

  2. On the Pages tab, click the thumbnail of a page that requires color approval.
    The page opens in Smart Review.

  3. On the view and zoom toolbar, make sure that the MV indicator shows the monitor as calibrated and there is not a big red X covering the page.

  4. Click the Color Target icon that appears under the MV indicator and make sure that it displays the color target that is in use.

  5. If you want to see the annotations that have been added, click Preferences and in the Full Screen area, select the Allow annotation check box. Set the Screen PPI to the correct value to match the monitor (for more information, see the online help).Then, click Done.

  6. Click the Full Screen button.

  7. To view the page in full screen, click Allow. (Optional) Click the Remember decision for <server name> check box if you want to always allow full screen mode on this server. The page appears in actual size (1 inch on the monitor is equal to 1 inch on the page). If your monitor is smaller than the actual size of the page, you must move the page around to view color. To move the page around, click the page, and, when a hand icon appears, drag the page to view another section.
    Important: It is not possible to annotate in Full Screen mode since Safari does not allow keyboard input due to security issues.

  8. Review the page for color quality. To annotate the page as well as approve or reject color, exit Full Screen mode by pressing Esc (Escape). If you want to continue to review additional pages, click the right arrow key. To return to the previous page, click the left arrow key.
    For more information about using Smart Review, see the Smart Review Help.
    Approving color


    a. Click Approve.

    b. Select Approve Color.


    c.(Optional) Type a comment in the Comment box.

    d. Click Apply.

    a. Click Reject.

    b. Select Reject Color.

    c.(Optional) Type a comment in the Comment box.

    d. Click Apply.

    Important: Do not approve a page, reject a page, or request corrections until the page content has been reviewed.

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