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Before you purchase a monitor, it is important to review all specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the display supports Adobe RGB or sRGB color gamut and is a flat panel.

Kodak has only tested Matchprint Virtual with current NEC* PA and EA*** series as well as EIZO CG, CX and CS series displays. If you choose to use a monitor from another manufacturer, it must conform to the same noted Requirements.

Note: Make sure that new NEC and EIZO displays** that are introduced to the market have been reviewed by Kodak prior to purchase. Not all models in a series will necessarily be supported. If you are planning to purchase a new NEC or EIZO display that was recently introduced to the market, contact your local response center. Previously released monitors from these recommended vendors are still supported.

* It is not recommended to purchase models with SpectraView software. If you install other calibration software on your Mac computer, you might experience conflicts when performing calibration and when creating and accessing the monitor profile.

** For the latest displays from these manufacturers, see the product Web sites at or

*** WMI models within the EA series are now supported in Matchprint Virtual 9.

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