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Support for InSite Prepress Portal 8.0 and PressProof 8.0 

Matchprint Virtual 8.0 will only work with InSite Prepress Portal 8.0 and PressProof 8.0. The color target including light source calculation is now occurring on your InSite Prepress Portal or PressProof server.

Open monitor qualification 

Matchprint Virtual 8.0 no longer restricts you to use monitors that were qualified by Kodak. We define the specific criteria for the given monitor that you choose. Adobe RGB or sRGB color gamut support and flat panel displays are required.

New user interface

The look-and-feel has been redesigned and features the following:

  • The ability to start the calibration process, by only selecting the Calibrate option.
  • The ability to set an expiration period for the calibration to remain valid.
  • Consolidation of features in a single settings window including the White Point Adjustment tool.
  • Monitor check to determine if calibration is needed.
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