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The Kodak Matchprint Virtual technology allows users who run Apple Mac OS X (10.10, 10.11, and macOS Sierra 10.12) with the Apple Safari browser and a calibrated color monitor to perform color-accurate virtual proofing in the Kodak InSite Prepress Portal system.

This document explains how to install the Matchprint Virtual software, configure monitor settings, set color targets, and configure Prepress Portal for virtual proofing.

Perform the following actions to set up your system:

  1. Configure the Mac computer preferences.
  2. Install the Matchprint Virtual monitor calibration software on your Mac computer and connect the measuring device.
  3. Set monitor luminance levels.
  4. Calibrate the color monitor.
  5. Configure the Websocket server application and the Keychain Access settings for Matchprint Virtual use on the Mac computer.
  6. Review, annotate, and approve color-managed pages in Smart Review.

Software and hardware requirements

You must use a Mac system and a calibrated monitor to ensure color-accurate viewing.

In addition, Matchprint Virtual 8.0 with InSite Prepress Portal 8.0 Smart Review requires Safari browser.

For the latest hardware and software requirement, see the Matchprint Virtual Release Notes.
For the latest information on monitors, see the Matchprint Virtual Monitor Selection Guide, and for supported configurations for Mac computers that will be used to access the InSite software, see the InSite Client Configuration technical bulletin.

Related documents

This guide refers to other Matchprint Virtual documents, including the Matchprint Virtual Monitor Selection Guide, Matchprint Virtual Best Viewing Practices Guide, and InSite Client Configuration technical bulletin. You can download these documents from the Resources area on the MATCHPRINT Virtual Technology site at

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