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InSite Prepress Portal and PressProof versions prior to 8.0 are not supported

It is necessary to use InSite Prepress Portal 8.0 and PressProof 8.0 with Matchprint Virtual 8.0 to achieve color accuracy.

Only one version of Matchprint Virtual can be installed on the Mac computer

If you need to use Matchprint Virtual 8.0 for color accurate proofing with InSite Prepress Portal or PressProof 8.0 and you will also be working with InSite Prepress Portal or PressProof versions prior to 8.0 or InSite Creative Workflow, you will need to use a separate Mac computer for any previous version of Matchprint Virtual prior to 8.0.

USB connection for qualified monitors

Qualified monitors cannot be connected to a keyboard USB port or to a self-powered USB hub. The monitor must be connected directly to a USB port on the computer.

Changing Mac computer user accounts is not supported

Matchprint Virtual stores calibration information in the Mac computer user account. To avoid the possibility of needing to recalibrate the monitor prior to calibration expiry, disable fast user switching and create a user account for exclusive use by all users of Matchprint Virtual.

Parental controls on the Mac computer are not supported

Matchprint Virtual stores calibration information on the system in addition to user account folders. To avoid permissions issues when storing this information, it is recommended that you use alternate methods to prevent access to the Internet and other applications on the Mac computer.

Calibration software other than Kodak Matchprint Virtual on the Mac computer is not supported

If you install other calibration software on your Mac computer, there is the potential of conflicts when performing calibration and on creating and accessing the monitor profile.

The Firefox and Chrome browsers are not supported

You can only use the Safari software for color approval workflow when you use InSite Prepress Portal 8.0.

Full Screen mode does not allow the user to annotate the page

The Safari browser does not allow keyboard input due to security issues. To view existing annotations in full screen mode, in Smart Review Preferences window, select the Allow annotation check box.

Custom color targets used for color approval workflow must be manually updated after the upgrade to InSite Prepress Portal and PressProof version 8.0

It is necessary to manually update any custom color targets that you use with Smart Review or PressProof to allow for the proper light sources to be accessed. There is no need to edit any settings, you only need to click the Update button. For InSite Administrators, see the Modifying Color Targets section in the InSite Prepress Portal System Administration Guide.

The i1 Display 3 colorimeter is not supported with UHD (Ultra-High-Definition) monitors

UHD (Ultra-High-Definition) monitors can only be calibrated using the i1 Pro type supported colorimeters.

USB connection for qualified measuring devices

Active USB Extension/Repeater cables are not supported for use with the qualified measuring devices. Do not connect the measuring device to a keyboard USB port, a self-powered USB hub, or monitor. The measuring device must
be connected directly to a USB port on the computer.

NEC EA series monitors: Calibration fails for the second monitor in dual monitor system

If you have a dual monitor system with NEC EA series monitors, a calibration for the second monitor will often fail.

To avoid this problem, perform the calibrations separately. After completing a successful calibration on the first monitor, quit Matchprint Virtual, re-launch Matchprint Virtual, manually bring the window to the second monitor's desktop and calibrate the second monitor.

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