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Ensure that all users who use Matchprint Virtual are informed about the optimum techniques for viewing color on a display monitor.

Do not hold the press sheet next to the monitor

Keep the press sheet flat on the viewing booth surface. Do not lift it up and hold it next to the monitor.

Position the proof correctly in the viewing booth

Position the hard copy proof in the viewing booth according to the manufacturer's instructions. Incorrectly positioning the hard copy proof affects your color perception because the booth lighting is uneven.

View images straight on-axis

View the image on the monitor straight on-axis (vertically and horizontally). If you do not, you will see a color shift.

Do not tilt the monitor backwards except when calibrating

Ensure that the monitor is upright when you view images. If you tilt the monitor backwards, you are not viewing the image on-axis, and your color perception is not accurate.

When you place the calibration device on the monitor, you may tilt the monitor slightly backwards to keep the colorimeter flat on the monitor.

View images at actual size

When viewing color images in Smart Review, always view images in full-screen mode (1:1) to remove borders.

Remove distracting colors

Strong colors (even brightly colored clothing) near the viewing booth may affect your color perception.

Remove colored objects from your field of vision

Walls and surroundings should be light gray or a neutral color with no more than 60% reflectance.

In the InSite Prepress Portal and PressProof software, viewing the image in full-screen mode removes surrounding colors and borders, which might affect your color perception.

Reduce the impact of external lighting

Uncontrolled lighting is one of the leading causes of color-matching inaccuracies. If overhead lights, daylight, or desk lamp lights infiltrate the viewing area, the quality of the light in the viewing booth and your color perception are affected. External lights can also cause reflections or glare on the monitor display.

Remove all sources of external lighting—for example, turn off or dim overhead lights (particularly sodium arc lights), close doors or curtains, lower window blinds, and so on. Aim to have less than 10% ambient light hitting your proof.

If you cannot remove the source of external lighting, change the external lights to the 5000K spectrum. Consider shrouding the viewing booth, particularly if the booth is in the pressroom.

Keep the room temperature constant

The temperature of the room affects the color of the display light.

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