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The InSite software works with proxy servers using the CERN protocol.

Proxy Server Requirements

The proxy server must meet the following requirements:

  • Supports both http and https client computer requests on a single port
  • Has access to the InSite or PressProof server on ports 80 and 443 (if SSL encryption is used)

  • HTTP 1.1 support is required. Kodak Portal products do not currently support HTTP/2
  • The proxy server must not decrypt, rewrite, or in any way modify packets passing through it to or from the InSite Prepress Portal or InSite Creative Workflow server. If packets are modified, unpredictable behavior may result
  • Reverse proxies are not supported

Client Computer Requirements

To connect to the proxy server, client computers must meet the following requirements:

  • The proxy server IP address must be manually set.
  • On a Mac computer, the proxy server IP address must be entered separately for http and https.
  • Automatic proxy detection must be disabled.

Scripted Proxy Configurations

Scripted proxy configuration is supported on Windows-based computers using the Internet Explorer browser. Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later supports scripted proxy configurations.

Supported Authentication Schemes

Authentication Scheme

Prepress PortalCreative Workflow

Web Browser (Mac)

Web Browser

Web Browser (Mac)

Web Browser





Microsoft Kerberos

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