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Filter the pages to display only pages that meet specific criteria.
  1. Locate the job, and click the job name.
    The list of the job's pages appears.
  2. Perform any of the following steps:


    Do this

    Sort pages by name, last modified date,
    position, or signature

    In the lower-right corner of the window, in the Sort by list, select the criteria by which you want to sort the pages.

    Filter the pages by the following filters located in the upper area of the window:

    Filter pages by page status

    In the Status list, select a desired page status.

    The pages with the selected status are displayed.

    Filter pages by reviewer

    In the Reviewer list, select the person who must review the pages.

    Filter pages by signature

    In the Signature list, select a desired signature.

    Filter pages by page group

    a. In the Groups list, select the desired group or subgroup:

    • Select All to display all pages in all group. 
    • Select Unfiled to display all pages that have not been assigned to a group. 
    • Select <Group name> to display the pages in the groups that you have created. 

    Filter pages by preflight results

    In the Preflight list, select All, Warnings, Errors, or Info.

    Note: The system will apply your page sorting and filtering preferences to each job you view.

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