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  1. Locate the job, and click the job name.
    The list of pages appears.
  2. In the lower-right corner of the window, choose the display options:
    Note: The system will apply your page display preferences to each job you view.


    Do this

    Change the display view

      • To display the pages from left to right click the Gallery View button .
      • To display the pages in a list click the List View button.
      • To display a larger view of the pages (HTML preview) click the Preview button. For more options, see View an HTML preview of the page in this table.
        Tip: To scroll between the pages click the Next button or the Previous button . To go to a specific page, select the page in the list.

    Change the thumbnail size
    (Gallery or List view only)

    Click the Thumbnail Size button and use the slider to select the required thumbnail size.

    View an HTML preview, in reader order, of pages assigned to a page set or imposition

    a. In the Sort By list, select Position.
    b. In the View area, click the Preview button.

  3. (Optional) View the detailed page information on the right pane by clicking the page row.
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