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If there are problems with a page and you think the problems can be corrected, set the page's approval status to Waiting For Correction.


  • You must have a job role that includes the Give Final Approval user rights. (If you do not have the Give Final Approval user right, you can still set the review status of the page.)
  • Make sure that approval workflow settings enable you to approve or reject the page (for example, in the Customer Administration page, the selected options are Always allow or Allow with warning) or if the selected option is Only on request, make sure that you were requested to approve the specific page. 

You should annotate the page to suggest corrections.

  1. With the page open in Smart Review, click Reject .
    The button is available only if the page status is Approval Requested.
  2. Click the arrow button  next to the Reject button, and in the list that appears, select Request Correction.
  3. In the comments box, type a comment if desired. The comment will appear in the e-mail notification for your page review.
  4. Click Apply.

The page's approval status changes to Correction Requested , and the server sends a CSR e-mail notification, including a PDF correction report.

Note: Users who subscribe to the job event type Page Correction Requested also receive an e-mail notification containing the correction report.

After you request corrections to a page, you cannot add annotations.

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