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  • You must log on with the ARAXI user.
  • If your InSite satellite server is in a DMZ environment, you must have the InSiteService account password.

  1. On the Prepress Portal satellite server, remove or disable any antivirus software before proceeding.
    Note: For information about standard antivirus software, see Installing Symantec Antivirus Software on Kodak Workflow Servers, available at: //

  2. If the Prinergy Workflow software was upgraded—for example, you completed a Prinergy upgrade, rehost or migration—run the InSite Configuration Utility (ICU) before you upgrade the InSite server. You can find information about running the InSite Configuration Utility (ICU) on the next page.

  3. If your InSite server is in a DMZ environment, disable all nonstandard network mount points:

    1. Open a command-prompt window, and type net use /persistent:no.

    2. Type net use * /d.

    3. Type y.
  4. Save the InSite Administration settings:
    1. On the Prepress Portal server, start the InSite Administration software.

    2. On the Configuration Settings page, select File > Save As, and name the Web page InSiteAdmin.htm.

    3. Save the file to a safe location on the network.
  5. Make sure that you are aware of the new features, enhancements, and any new restrictions. For more information, see the current Prepress Portal Release Notes, the InSite Client Configuration Technical Bulletin, and the Prepress Portal System Administration Guide, available on

  6. Before you continue with the upgrade process, make sure that your Prinergy server has a current and successful backup.

  7. Before you start the installation process, make sure that:
    1. All the Microsoft critical updates have been applied.
    2. Restart the server.
    Note: Allow sufficient time for the server to restart completely before you start the installation process.

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