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Email address field character limitation

User email address and Secure Link email address fields are limited to 80 and 90 characters respectively.

The PressProof client will need to be updated manually if SSL is in use

The PressProof client will not detect that a software update is available if SSL is in use. To update the PressProof client, on your Mac, you will need to mount the Installer share from your InSite Prepress Portal server and install the PressProof client.

Downloading multiple files

When downloading multiple files, a compressed single (.zip) file is created, so that only a single file is transferred at a time. If the multiple files were transferred separately, the user would have to click OK (or otherwise acknowledge or allow the transfer) for each individual file. This might not be an issue if only two or three files are being downloaded, but for dozens or hundreds of pages at a time it is highly undesirable behavior. This behavior of the download process is due to internet security procedures and protocols. If you cannot extract the *.zip file with the OS embedded unzip tool, use a third-party tool, such as iZip (Mac) and 7-zip (Windows).

Matchprint Virtual 9.x must be used with InSite Prepress Portal and PressProof versions 9.0 and 9.1

It is necessary that you use Matchprint Virtual 9.x with InSite Prepress Portal 9.x and PressProof 9.x to achieve color accuracy. Matchprint Virtual versions prior to 9.x will not be supported.

Bypass Login does not support certain characters in passwords

Bypass Login functionality does not support the use of special characters in user passwords. The unsupported characters include < >.

For passwords, the following characters are supported: ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:?;,./-=[]\

For usernames when using Bypass Login, this restriction does not exist and all of the following characters are supported: ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:?;,./-=[]\< >

Upload and download does not support certain characters in file names

HTML5 uploads/downloads do not support the use of special characters in the file names. These characters include (but are not limited to): / \ * | ? < > ,

Note: If these characters appear in the filename, an error message is displayed and the upload will not proceed.

Upload and download fails with long file names

For uploads, the overall maximum file name length is determined by the system’s maximum allowed file path length of 259 characters, comprised of the Prinergy Server Name, Job Share Name, Job Name, and other names.

For downloads, the maximum file path length is 122 out of 259 characters including the file name. To minimize any upload or download issues, short file names should be used.

Limiting access to certain color targets or setting a default target for color customers is not supported in InSite Prepress Portal 9.x

When you create or edit a customer and you have the appropriate user rights, you can select the Use Matchprint Virtual option, but you cannot limit the color targets for use by a customer or set a default target.
This option will not be supported until a future release.

Separations viewed in PressProof will render using D50 light source only

If you use the GTI or JNL light source for viewing color accurate surfaces, when you turn separations off and click Apply, only the D50 light source is used to render in Separations view. When you turn on all the separations again and want to review color accurately, you will need to return to Window mode and select Regenerate View. If you use the GTI or JNL light source, this will render the surface again using the correct light source.

Light source will be displayed as none in PressProof client for LPV jobs

If you are viewing surfaces of LPV jobs, while the designated light source that you have configured will be applied for color accurate viewing, in window mode, it will show the light source as none.

Login to IPP Enterprise satellites on iPad application is not supported

If you use the iPad application with IPP Enterprise, you must use the URL of the Enterprise to log in and access jobs.

Customized e-mail messages based on earlier version(s) of InSite Prepress Portal e-mail templates should be updated

Any customized e-mail message that is based on earlier version(s) of InSite Prepress Portal e-mail templates will need to be recreated based on the new default e-mail templates of version 9.x. For more information, see the Upgrade Guide. 

Contact Information from earlier versions is no longer available as part of the user information in InSite PrePress Portal 9.x

In the new Create Staff User or Create Customer User window, in the User Info area, there are no longer text boxes that contain the Contact Information from earlier versions (Title, Cell, Pager, and Fax). The values that you entered in these boxes in earlier versions are not visible.

HTML editing of Themes created in earlier versions is not supported

In the new user interface, creating, editing, and managing themes is now done using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Themes that were created in earlier versions are migrated during the upgrade, but HTML editing of migrated themes is not possible.

Learning Center contents prior to version 9.x will not be migrated

If you have Learning Center contents in version 8.0.1, those will not be migrated to 9.x. The contents need to be re-created.

"Remember me on this computer" checkbox only remembers the user name

Due to the security enhancements in InSite Prepress Portal 9.x, "Remember me on this computer" checkbox on the login page only remembers the user name.

Greek translations are no longer available 

Greek translations are no longer available in the UI, but e-mails will still be displayed in Greek if user selects Greek for e-mail.

Safari uses significant amount of memory for high-definition monitors

Safari may show a warning message - "This website is using significant memory. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac." when you continuously open heavy-contents pages in Smart Review with a high-definition monitor. You may need to (repeatedly) close and re-launch Safari.

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