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If you have a large workflow file system, it may take a minute for the folders and files to load on the PressProof system. By default, PressProof reloads this list of jobs each time a user selects Open Job.

Instead of reloading the list of jobs, you can have PressProof cache the list for quicker display the next time a user opens a job.

Note: The Reload Job List button only appears if you have disabled the Setting preferences.

To cache the job list for quicker display

  1. On the Apple toolbar under Kodak PressProof, select Preferences.
  2. Clear the Automatically reload Job List check box.
    Note: When you disable this setting, any new surfaces added to the file system after the user opens the job in PressProof do not appear automatically in the job list. The user must manually refresh the job list to see any changes.

To manually reload the job list:

  1. In Window mode, click Open Job in the left pane, 
    Under File, select Open Job.
  2. Click Reload Job List.


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