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You can set up an e-mail link to the pages in a job that doesn't require the user to have a Prepress Portal account. The Secure Link feature opens a view directly into the pages that you want the user to review or approve.

Requirements: Your job role must include the Create Secure Link right.

  1. In the Jobs area, select the name of the required job.
    The job's pages appear.
  2. Click Secure Link.
  3. In the Display list, select how the pages will display when the user first clicks the e-mail link. For example, you can have them appear in gallery view, in Preview (where the user can flip pages) or in Smart Review (for full review capabilities).
    Note: If the HTML gallery, the File Downloader, or the File Uploader option is selected and the secure link e-mail is redeemed on an iPad, a message appears indicating that these options cannot be opened in the InSite iPad application.
    The Create Secure Link window now contains the following options:
    • The File Downloader option—Secure links created with this option selected enable the user to download any files that have been uploaded to the job.
    • The Download Page Proofs option—Secure links created with this option selected enable the user to download proof (low-resolution) files.
      Note: The Download Page Proofs option is available only when the selected Display option is HTML Gallery.
  4. If you want the user to be able to review or approve pages, in the Rights list, select User can review pages or User can approve pages.
  5. Set a password that the user must enter to access the pages.
    Send the password to the user in a separate e-mail; do not include it in the secure link e-mail message.
  6. In the left pane, select Email Setup.
  7. Type the e-mail addresses of the users that you want to receive a secure link, the subject of the e-mail, and a short message.
  8. Click Create.
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