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Comments help provide additional information about a page as it is being reviewed or approved. All comments are displayed in the History area. Notes provide information about uploaded files and job details that can be seen by all users or only staff users.


A Comments box appears when:

  • You request review or approval of pages
    The comment that you enter appears in the Job History window, under Transactions and in e-mail notifications sent automatically to the users whom you requested to review or approve the page, to the job CSR, and to users who subscribed to the event.
  • You set the page status to Reviewed - OK, Reviewed - Not OK, Request Corrections, Approved, or Rejected
    Note: Only approve, reject, or request correction comments will appear under Page Information.


You can view notes that were created in the panel on the right side, or during upload.

  • To add a note:
    1. In the panel on the right side, click the plus  button.
    2. In the Add Note window that appears, only a staff user decides who can see the note, Staff Users only or All users. Notes that are created by customer users can be seen by all users.
    3. Type your note and click Add.
    4. As a staff user, in the Show list, you can display notes that are for Staff Users only
      Note: If a note is created in InSite, it will be displayed in that job in Prinergy Workshop.
  • You can add a note during the upload process:
    If you add a note about your upload, it will appear in the Notes area, in the e-mail notification, and in the job history.
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