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To access information about the surface you are viewing, press the spacebar to go to Window mode. 

In Window mode, the pane that displays the surface shrinks, toolbars appear at the top and bottom of the screen, and an Information pane appears on the left.


  • Main toolbar—the toolbar across the top of the screen. From the main toolbar you can:
    • Open a different job
    • Setting preferences 
    • Get help with using PressProof
  • Control toolbar—the toolbar across the bottom of the screen. From the control toolbar in Window mode you can tilt the image or switch to Full Screen mode. For more information, see Control tools in Window mode.

 Information pane

The vertical pane on the left of your screen displays information about the color target for the surface you are viewing and about when the monitor was calibrated last. It also contains a list of all available surfaces in the job, and a button that allows you to open a different job.

From the information pane you can: 


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