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  1. Log on via the Enterprise URL.
  2. Open a few jobs that are associated with several different satellites and upload some files.
  3. On the Pages tab, open a page in Smart Review, and close it.
  4. Request approval:
    1. On the Pages tab, select one or more pages, and click Request Approval.
    2. Select one or more users, and request review and/or final approval.
    3. Confirm that an e-mail notification message was sent to the users that you selected.
  5. Download a PDF proof:
    1. On the Pages tab, select a page.
    2. Click Download Proof.
    3. Download the page to a known location.
    4. Using Windows Explorer or Finder on the Mac, locate and open the downloaded low-resolution PDF proof.
    Enable the antivirus software on the Main (and Standby) Enterprise servers ,if you had disabled it at the beginning of this upgrade process.
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