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If a large red X appears on the monitor when you view a surface, color may not be correct. The red X can be disabled through PressProof preferences.

To determine what problem the X is warning about:

  1. Press the spacebar to go to Window mode.

  2. Look for color target and monitor calibration information at the bottom of the left pane. Example of warning messages include:

    • Color target: none- The surface does not have an assigned color target.

    • Monitor: uncalibrated-The monitor calibration has expired and it must be successfully calibrated.

    • Pages on surface have inconsistent color targets-Different targets are assigned to different pages on the surface.

To disable the red X:

  1. On the Apple toolbar under Kodak PressProof, select Preferences.
  2. Clear the check box beside Display red X over image when color may not be correct.
    Note: If you disable the red X, a small version of it appears in the upper left corner of the screen, and blinks continuously.

    You cannot disable this icon except by restoring the red X that covers the entire screen.


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