New features and enhancements

This section lists features and enhancements that were added in this release.

New graphic user interface for InSite Prepress Portal

InSite Prepress Portal 9.0 contains the first release of a new and streamlined user interface. The Prepress Portal 9.0 user interface has been redesigned and reorganized to provide the user with an up-to-date and user-friendly experience.

The new user interface consists of four major areas:

  • The main navigation area—consists of two tabs, Jobs and Administration
  • The title area—displays the name of the active customer or job
  • The actions and filters area—where you can perform various actions that are related to the selected object and filter your jobs by customer and status
  • The details panel— displays the properties of the selected object, and enables parameter editing.

If you have used previous versions of InSite Prepress Portal, you’ll quickly forget that you needed to switch between several different windows and dialog boxes. You’ll find it easier and faster to do your work, using a single window to review pages, upload jobs, approve or reject pages, and interactively edit the properties of job elements.

InSite Prepress Portal 9.0 reduces the number of clicks needed to do your job.

For more information about performing specific actions, see the InSite Prepress Portal Quick Start Guide or the InSite Prepress Portal User Guide.

Enhancements to the Preview workflow 

You can now define the following specific Preview permissions per customer (in the Create Customer dialog box):

  • Enable Single Page View
  • Enable Spread View
  • Enable Rotation
  • Enable Smart Review Access

In addition, the following options have been added to the Preview workflow:

  • If your job has imposition or pageset with pages assigned it, you can approve signatures by clicking the Approve Signature button in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • In LPV jobs, you can approve specific versions by clicking the Approve Version button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Page list display no longer waits for all thumbnails to be drawn

The page list now appears immediately so that work can be done while the thumbnails are being rendered.

Ability to set the default light source (if PressProof is licensed)

PressProof surfaces are rendered using the defined light source in InSite Administration under the PressProof configuration settings (similar to the default color target). If you need different light sources because you use multiple dimmable light booths in your pressroom, you can define the light sources using a control file called lightsource.txt. For more information about setting the light source, see the PressProof Software System Administration Guide.

Ability to choose Preflight+ reporting on original files

You can now see the details of the Preflight+ report information in Smart Review based on the original files instead of the normalized files.

Below are Preflight+ reporting behaviors of InSite Prepress Portal based on Refine Process Plan configuration in Prinergy:

  • If only Preflight+ on original files is selected, the report will be based on original files.
  • If only Preflight+ on normalized files is selected, the report will be based on normalized files.
  • If both are selected, the original files takes priority and the report will only be based on original files.

Note: You must select the XML reporting option in the Prinergy Refine Process Plan > Preflight+ for the Preflight+ information to be displayed in Smart Review. PDF reports are available for both original and normalized files in Prinergy if enabled.

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