This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release.

Referenced PR ID


INST-10885When two or more users are adding annotations on the same page and one of them clicks Create, the other user's annotations are lost.
INST-10618w3wp.exe is keeping TCP connections open, eventually exhausting all ephemeral ports
INST-10431Eizo CG277 failing MV7 calibration on a Mac Pro Tower
INST-9806Real-time import of Smart Review annotations fails with error
INST-9420Rendering extremely slow after 8.0.1 + CP1.3 upgrade
INST-9292MV: Logging improvements
INST-9291White Point Adjustment graphic cross-hairs at 0,0 when adjustment values are in use
INST-9156Cached surfaces are rendered again after pre-rendering was done
INST-9046MV - Error messages during calibration are covered by the colorimeter
INST-9033MV log files need to include selected Light Source
INST-9009Typo in Learning Center UI
INST-8940CP1.1 breaks Smart Review Collaboration and Chat tools
INST-8833HTML5 Preview Spread View - Pages with bigger crop box appear as smaller
INST-8832CP1 regression - Approval Status change for multi pages triggers multiple RBA instances
INST-8817gTLDs get truncated on certain Insite emails if more than 4 characters, cause delivery failure
INST-8803Inaccurate Color when viewing surfaces that were pre-rendered prior to IPP 8 upgrade
INST-8760LPV jobs - Going to Pages tab is extremely slow
INST-8728Enterprise: Syncing fails with a .NET error
INST-8719Preview is blurry on Retina display
INST-8666Implement Start Over or Clear History when there is a big deviation between the black point (0,0,0) and its measurement value
INST-8614First visit to login page is very slow (~45 seconds) for each unique user
INST-8609Default Non-Fatal PDF error handling setting causes IFA errors to occur on PressProof
INST-8597SR2: False difference in Compare view when comparing separate pages with revisions
INST-8583Error message during attempt to calibrate has the word 'vendor' misspelled
INST-8545Add cleanup and rollover style attributes to Smart Review logging
INST-8490"Last Modified Date" page sorting puts old one on top while it was opposite
INST-8486Security: If users have a URL, they can navigate to Smart Review cache pages without logging in.
INST-7949HTML5 Preview: Trim size is incorrect if crop box less than media box
INST-7441MV: LicenseFrameworkOut.txt file continues to grow and can become quite large
INST-7123Comment in Annotation Report is truncated
INST-7005SR2: Print size incorrect when printing from Smart Review
INST-6992Zoom in (500%) - takes close to 20 seconds for a separation to turn off

ICU: Remove the reference to Prinergy version in the Configure RBA step.

INST-6648Email - Customer user's "User Created" subscription ON/OFF works in the opposite way
INST-5948Setup_Pixelserver fails if a too-new .NET4 version is installed
INST-5848HTML5 upload error when Note field contains too many characters
INST-5816HTML5 upload info sheet not recognizing mandatory fields
INST-5814Page geometry not properly honored in Preview and Thumbnails
INST-3770Themes - theme defined for brand url is used when log in to regular insite (need to clear browser history)
INST-1240Request approval notifications, clicking the e-mail notification link does not open the Page list if the user is already (Original PRID:job004940)

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