A color target defines how to display a file's colors on a monitor so as to accurately represent what the file will look like when output to a proofer or printed on press.

When you create a job, in the list of color targets provided by the printer, you select a color target to use for files in the job. The selected color target is then applied by Matchprint Virtual when you view the file in Smart Review. This ensures that the color displayed in Smart Review is the same as the color on the final printed product.

Note: If a recipe for a custom spot color is not included the Prinergy L*a*b color libraries, a representation of that custom spot color is displayed with a warning icon that indicates that the spot color is not color accurate. To add a spot color recipe to the L*a*b libraries on the appropriate Prinergy primary server, contact your printer.

To perform color-accurate monitor proofing on a file, the file must be set to be color-managed. You can then check the file for color accuracy in Smart Review and approve, reject, or request corrections to the file.

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