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You can view a full-screen preview of a file in Smart Review. When you view a full-screen preview of a color-managed file, the Smart Review toolbars and dialog boxes are hidden so that you can focus on color-accurate viewing.

Requirements: For color-managed files, a color target must be assigned to the file, you must use a calibrated monitor that meets the necessary requirements for Matchprint Virtual and have it attached to an approved Mac computer, and you must have a job role that includes the View Color Management user right. If these conditions are not met, a red X appears on the file.

Note: You cannot view a full-screen preview of a file while you are in a collaboration session.

  1. On the top bar, click the Full Screen  button.
    If you are viewing the file on an uncalibrated monitor, the image and the white paper background are dimmed and are not color-accurate.
  2. You can use the Move tool .
    The Smart Review tools are available only when you have set the following user preference (On the top-right area of Smart Review, click the Preferences  button, in the Full Screen area, select Show Annotations to view user annotations in Full Screen mode.
  3. When you finish viewing the file, press Esc.
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