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System Configuration Enhancements

Integration with Prepress Portal

InSite Creative Workflow can integrate with InSite Prepress Portal 9.1.1.

Matchprint Virtual 9 support

InSite Creative Workflow works with Matchprint Virtual 9.1 for color-accurate content viewing and color approval.

Dongle-less licensing

A new type of licensing technology is used, which does not require hardware dongles for verification. Instead, your InSite server will contact the KODAK Product License and Activation System (PLAS) in the background on a regular basis to keep your system licenses up to date. An internet connection is required for automatic maintenance of your licenses. 

Twam Processor component removed

The Twam Processor component, which was used to render certain types of files, is replaced with other software tools and is no longer a part of the system. This change simplifies the installation process and the licensing mechanism. 

Task Enhancements

Approved Annotation report

You can create a new report called Approved Annotation Report for tasks or task elements which is similar to the regular Proof Report but only lists annotations with Approved state. 

Task Summary table

The Task Summary table appeared in the inspection area have new columns, Checklist and Due Date, in order to show the name of the Checklist assigned for each task users and the due date for the individual sequence respectively. 

Project and Library Enhancements

Completed project state

You can set a project to Completed state to organize the finished projects, which are not expected to be activated for a long time (or often), better. It replaces the previously-existed Project Archiving feature. 

Revision count modification

The newest uploaded file is not counted as a revision element. Therefore the Revisions attribute in the inspection view shows one less number than the total number of uploaded files. The Revisions window only shows the revision elements and does not show the newest uploaded file. 

Customer/User Enhancements

Change Password required on first login and after performing 'Forgot Password'

For security, users are required to create a new password once they have logged for the very first time or after they have requested a forgotten password.

Password Management options

Per customer, you can set up options around the password management, such as the change password requirement, the password expiration and the password expiration notification options.

Smart Review Enhancements

3D file preview

The Smart Review allows you to open 3D files (.ic3d) and to preview the 3D rendered contents of the file with the new interfaces. While you can only preview the 3D rendered contents, you can create a task, add annotations and set status using the 2D version of the same file. 

The rendering process for a 3D file takes a significantly longer time than other type of files. When you open an .ic3 file in the 3D Preview in Smart Review for the first time, you have to wait a long time until the process completes.

Smart Review mobile viewer (integrated system)

The Smart Review mobile viewer is now available, not only for standalone InSite Creative Workflow system, but also for InSite Creative Workflow system integrated with InSite Prepress Portal. The Smart Review mobile viewer interface appears when an element is opened on mobile or tablet devices. The viewer has limited functionalities but allows you to view (zoom and rotate) elements. The viewer is not available when you open pages in InSite Prepress Portal. 

.txt and .doc/docx file type support

The Smart Review allows you open and view text files (.txt) and Microsoft Word files (.doc/.docx). You can create tasks and add such files as task elements, so that you can add annotations and set status for it. 

Light Source correction is taking place on server side 

The color target including light source calculation is now occurring on the InSite Creative Workflow server.

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