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Missing Font check feature has been eliminated

The Missing Font check feature has been eliminated. InSite Creative Administration page no longer has the Fail On Missing Fonts option.

Color targets used for color approval task must be manually updated after the upgrade to InSite Creative Workflow 9.1

It is necessary to manually update any color targets that you use with Smart Review to allow for the proper light sources to be accessed. In the Color Target Manager on the InSite Creative Workflow server, update color targets. There is no need to edit any settings—you only need to open each color target and click the OK button. 

For Administrators, see the Modifying a Color Target section in the System Administration Guide.

Incorrect color when viewing task elements in tasks that were created before the upgrade to InSite Creative Workflow 9.1

If you have color-approval tasks prior to the Creative Workflow 9.1 upgrade, the elements are locked down with the color target prior to the upgrade. For such task elements, the color conversion is not taking place because the previous color target is still assigned and does not access the proper light sources that are now on the server side. In other words, those color-approval tasks are not valid because you cannot view color-accurate contents anymore.

Workaround: After Administrators update the color targets in the Color Target Manager on InSite Creative Workflow server, you need to re-create new color-approval tasks.

SWOP and US Web SWOP Color targets are removed from the Color Target Manager

In the new Creative Workflow 9.1 system, the Color Target Manager does not have the SWOP and the US Web SWOP color targets by default. For the upgraded system, the upgrade process removes those two color targets from the Color Target Manager.

The light source correction is not applied to RGB elements

The light source correction is applied only for elements with CMYK/spot colors. It is not applied to elements with RGB color.

Integrated system: Options under Edit Customer dialog is not accessible from Web UI

For the system integrated with InSite Prepress Portal, the Edit Customer menu item under the Customer menu in InSite Creative Workflow navigates you back to the Customers menu in InSite Prepress Portal. Therefore, the options for customers that are available only in the Edit Customer dialog of InSite Creative Workflow are not accessible. The options include the Enable 3D Preview and Enable Content Check check boxes. In order to enable those features, you have to directly access the login page of the InSite Creative Workflow system and open the the Edit Customer dialog.

Color approval task, color separation information, and the densitometer annotation tool in Smart Review are not available for EPS files

The default color profile (if specified) will not be assign to EPS files upon upload, and you cannot manually assign profile either. Smart Review is no longer able to retrieve the color separation information from EPS files. The Separations panel does not display the color information, and the densitometer annotation tool does not show the color information for EPS elements. You cannot create a color-approval task with an EPS element.

Project Archiving feature has been eliminated

The project archiving feature has been eliminated. The Project > Edit Project > State menu no longer has Archive option. It is replaced by the Completed project state feature. You can still un-archive projects that were archived in previous versions.

The separated/multi-file EPS file is not processed and can not be opened in Smart Review

There is an old DCS file type which consists of an .eps file and .C .M .Y .K files; often called the Separated EPS or the Multi-file EPS file format. Smart Review no longer supports that format file. When you attempt to open such file, the Smart Review progress indicator spins endlessly.

Position of Content Check annotations on .txt file do not align with contents

Spell Check and Text Compare annotations generated by the Content Check feature on .txt files are not properly positioned to appear on the contents. They may be several or more pixels off depending on the location in the canvas area.

In Managed Services (Azure) environment, Content Check feature needs new license after virtual machine de-allocation 

For InSite Creative Workflow server hosted in the Managed Services (Azure) environment, the GlobalVision License key, which is a necessary software license key to run the Content Check feature, is reset every time the virtual machine is stopped and de-allocated.

Proof Report creation fails if Task name contains "&" character

Proof Report creation for a task fails if the name of the task contains an "&" character. You can edit the task name after the fact, and the Proof Report can be created successfully. 

Proof Report creation for old revisions fails if Task has a removed user

Proof Report creation (with Task Status option checked) for old revision(s) fails if you have previously removed a task user. 

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