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This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release.

Referenced PR ID


ICW-2356Integ system: MyTasks page incorrectly shows default header theme while it should be customer specific header
ICW-2637Extremely large log file issue
ICW-2729Reviewer's overdue task indicator still counts tasks completed by Approver
ICW-3109Warning message for Rejecting multi-page file says "you are Approving.."
ICW-3125For Multi page element, voting button on individual page is not following the Approval restriction logic
ICW-3466InSite service password to support entire UTF-16 character set
ICW-3639Start SMTP upon completion of ICCU
ICW-3641Backup Confirmation reports failure even though the backup is successful
ICW-3709Security: HTTP header security flags
ICW-3710Security: Lack of Input Validation
ICW-3935Element deletion during upload process causes full folder deletion
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