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You can change the event types for which another user receives notification and specify whether the user will receive notifications in individual e-mail messages as events occur or in a summary once per day.

Before a user can receive event notifications, you must enter the user's e-mail address in the Edit User Information view.

Note: You cannot view and override other users' event notifications when you are in an integrated system.

  1. Open the Manage Access view in one of the following ways, depending on your user rights:

    If you are assigned this role

    Do this

    A customer role that includes the Manage Access user right

    a. Select the customer.
    b. Click Manage Access.

    A project role for a specific project
    The role must include the Manage Access user rights.

    a. Select the project.
    b. Click Manage Access.

    A library role for a specific library
    The role must include the Manage Access user right.

    a. Select the library.
    b. Click Manage Access.

  2. Select the user.
    The user information appears at the bottom of the page. All roles assigned to the user as an individual and as a member of a user group (at the level you're viewing) are listed.
  3. Click the envelope icon  above the name of a role to view the notification settings for that role.
  4. For each event type for which you want the user to receive notifications, select the check box in the Email or Digest column.
    • Email: Sends notifications about the event type in individual e-mail messages as the events occur.
    • Digest: Sends notifications in a digest format once per day. The digest format is an e-mail message that summarizes all events of a given type for the past 24 hours. (Your administrator controls the time of day at which digests are sent.)
  5. If you select any task-related events, in the Filter column, select one of the following options for the user:
    • mine: The user will receive notifications only when the event is associated with a task in which the user is involved—for example, the user is assigned the task or the user created the task.
    • all: The user will receive notifications when the event is associated with any task, regardless of whether the user is involved.
    Note: The Filter column is available only when your role includes the View My Tasks and View All Tasks project user rights. If you are assigned only the View My Tasks right, the mine setting is automatically selected and you cannot change it.
    Note: If you select the Task Status Changed event type, you can only select all if your role includes the Task Status View, View My Tasks, and View All Tasks rights.
  6. Click Apply.
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