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You can upload any file to a project or library, but what you can do with the uploaded file depends on the file type.
The following table describes the types of graphic elements that you might upload to a project or library and what you can do with each type of element. Limitations are listed below the table.

File type

Upload and download?

Generate thumbnails?

Open in Smart Review?

Proof with Matchprint Virtual? (from a project only)

Download as a low-resolution JPEG?

AI (CS2 or later)


DCS (1 and 2)









PSD (CS2 or later)




If a thumbnail cannot be generated for an element, a generic placeholder image appears in the project or library instead.

Color proofing file limitations

Files that you want to color proof in Smart Review using Matchprint Virtual must meet the following requirements:

  • EPS, PS, and PDF files must be composite files.
  • EPS, PS, and PDF files can use CMYK or RGB color space conversion for rendering, spot colors, and transparency.
  • DCS files can include spot colors.
  • JPEG and TIFF files can use CMYK or RGB color space conversion during rendering, but other color spaces are not supported.
  • JPEG and TIFF files that use spot colors are not supported.
  • TIFF files that use layers and alpha channels are not supported.

Adobe file limitations

  • Only Adobe Creative Suite (CS) versions 2 and later are supported for Adobe Photoshop files and Adobe Illustrator files. Earlier versions of files may work but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Thumbnails are correctly generated for Photoshop (.psd) files only when you save the files in the Photoshop CS software with the Maximize Compatibility option selected.
  • Thumbnails are generated for Illustrator (.ai) files only when you save the files in the Illustrator software with the Create PDF Compatible File option selected.
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