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Task enhancements

Task with sequential user assignments

You can create a task with sequence numbers assigned to each task user. The Task Reminder will be sent to the task user(s) with the lowest sequence number only at first. As the task user(s) approves the task, the task user(s) with the next lowest sequence number receives the Task Reminder, and so on. The sequence numbers can be assigned also to user groups.

Task Checklist

You can define Task Checklists under each customer and enable a Task Checklist when you create a task in order to keep track of actions done by the task users. Smart Review has the Checklist panel which shows the checklist items, and the task users can select  or clear the items before voting to indicate what has been done.

Reference Elements from different task in other project of other customer

You can create a task with Reference Elements from other task. The Reference Element can be a task element from any existing task in any project under any customer as long as you have a proper access privilege.

Annotation categories

You can define Annotation Categories under each customer in order to categorize and manage the annotations added by the task users. When you set the annotation status for an annotation, the annotation category menu appears and enables you to select the items to label and categorize the annotation.

Annotation comment threading

In the annotation dialog box, you can add a new comment after the existing comments. It can be utilized as a conversation threading between multiple task users.

Paste annotations to multiple task elements

You can copy an annotation(s) and paste it to multiple task elements in the same task at once. You can choose to paste it to all task elements in the task or only to the selected task elements in the task. This is useful when you want to add the exact same annotation to the exact same location on multiple task elements at once.

Annotation completion flag

In the annotation dialog box, you have the Work Completed check box to keep track of the status of the action requested by the annotation comment. The Annotation panel provides the filtering option to control the visibility of the annotations based on the status of the check box. This is a server-level setting that you can enable or disable for the entire site.

Action Task

The Action Task is a new type of task that you can create without adding any element. You can create an Action Task to manage any type of actions to be completed by the assigned task users. The task users can set the status, Completed or Not Completed, to indicate the user status of the task.

Simplified Task Type

You no longer need to select a Task Type when you create a new task. You can always add Approvers users and Reviewers users in a task. In other words, a new task is always automatically a Mixed task. The Task Type of legacy tasks are retained.

Color Approvers task user

Color Approvers task user has been added as a new type of task user. Task users added to a task as Color Approvers have to open the task elements on a color-calibrated monitor in order to set status. The other type of task users are able to set status on a non color-calibrated monitor even if the task is a color task.

Smart Review enhancements

Compare View without third panel

In the Compare View, you can now hide the third panel that displays the differences between the elements in two panels.

Content Check

*Licensed feature

The Content Check panel on Smart Review enables you to inspect the image and find barcodes, braille, spelling errors, and text comparison results on the image. The results are saved as annotations on the image. You can also automatically run the inspection on all task elements when you create a task.

Smart Review mobile viewer (standalone system only)

On standalone configuration system, the new interface of Smart Review appears when an element is opened on mobile or tablet devices. The viewer has limited functionalities but still allows you to view (zoom and rotate) elements, add annotations and set status.

User management enhancements

User account lockout

You can configure the system to lock out user accounts after failed login attempts. You can set up the number of allowed attempts and the duration before the automatic unlock.

Strong password length

A strong password for a new user should now contain a minimum of twelve characters instead of eight.

PLA integration

Kodak Packaging Layout Automation (PLA) software can locate elements in Projects and Libraries on an InSite Creative Workflow server and add them as artwork files and die files.

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