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  • To work in a collaboration session, perform any of the following actions:


Do this

Join a session

  • Click the Collaboration panel.
  • In the area of the user name to whom you want to join, click Join Session .
    Note: You cannot join a collaboration session if you are comparing two files in Compare mode in Smart Review.

Leave a session

Click Leave Session next to your name.

Change the session controller

In the Collabortion panel, click the arrow beside the name of the user to whom you want to give control. You can give control to yourself or to another user.

Chat (exchange messages) with other users in the session

  • To view the current chat, click the Chat panel.
    The Chat dialog box displays the existing messages. Messages from different users are color-coded and each user's name appears beside the messages that she or he typed.
  • To send a message to all users in the session, type the message in the Chat dialog box.
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