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A set of event types are available to you when you generate an event report.

The following table describes the activities that are included when you select an event type for reports:

Event type for reportsActivities Included
System (available at the site level only)Logons to the system

Customers, Projects, Libraries (available at the site level and customer level only)

Projects or libraries created or deleted

Folders, Elements, Revisions

  • Elements or revisions of elements created as a result of an upload or copy
  • Elements or revisions of elements deleted
  • Elements renamed or moved, or source profiles assigned to elements
  • Folders created, renamed, moved, or deleted


Uploads initiated


Downloads initiated


Copies of elements or folders initiated


  • Tasks created
  • Tasks deleted
  • Users added to existing tasks
  • Users removed from tasks
  • Elements added to existing tasks
  • Elements removed from tasks
  • Final status set for tasks
  • Status reset for tasks
  • Tasks inactivated and inactive tasks reactivated
  • Task descriptions, due dates, or names edited
  • Task status changed due to a user setting the task status, a user with the Admin Tasks project right resetting another user's task status, or an element's status being reset when a new revision of the element was uploaded

Task Reminders

Task Reminders sent out

Task Templates

Task Templates created, modified, or deleted

Smart Review

Smart Review sessions started


  • Annotations added to elements in Smart Review
  • Annotations modified
  • Annotations deleted
  • Approval  status set for annotations
Note: The event report only includes annotations that are saved between Smart Review sessions (text annotations, shapes, and saved color density readings).
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