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Text Safety lines are proofing marks that you can use to verify that the content of a page is within the specified boundaries—for example, the content is within the page margins and will not be lost when the page is cut or folded.

Note: The safety lines are set to one inch from the edges of the image and it is not configurable.

  1. To work with safety lines, perform one of the following actions:
    • In Smart Review, in the right pane, in the Info panel, select the Text Safety check box.
      When safety lines are displayed, a dashed-line rectangle appears. Measurements appear in the unit of measure that is set in your Smart Review preferences.
    • To change the color of a safety line, in the Info panel, right-click the Text Safety row, and select a color on the color palette.
      Safety lines are black by default. If a page is a dark color, the safety line may be difficult to see.
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