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.You can view all available revisions for an element and work with a specific element revision.

  1. In the project or library, view the revisions in one of the following ways:
    • Select the element with revisions. Click the number that appears next to Revisions in the Attribute pane.
    • Select the element with revisions. From the Element menu, select View Element Revisions.
  2. Select a revision, and perform any of the following actions:


    Do this

    View the element revision in Smart Review or compare two revisions of the same element

    Click the revision's thumbnail.

    Download the element revision

    Click Download Original .

    Copy the element revision to another folder

    Click Copy Revisions .

    Delete the element revision

    Click Delete Revisions .

    View the attributes of an element in each revision

    • Click a revision to view the element's attributes in the Attributes pane.
    • Click View All in the Attributes panel.

    The action that you perform affects only the selected element revision.

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