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  1. On the InSite Creative Workflow server, select Start > All Programs > Kodak TwEm > License Manager.
  2. Verify that the security code for the dongle that you installed appears in the Dongle Security Code box.

  3. In the TwAm area, click Enter License Key.
  4. Copy the obtained TwAm license key to the New License Key box.
  5. Click Apply, and press Enter.
    Important: If you are upgrading from InSite Creative Workflow 5.0, select license key(s) for InSite Creative Workflow 5.0 system, and click Remove License Key to remove old license key(s).

  6. In the License Manager window, in the TwAm Processor area, click Add or Replace.
  7. Copy the obtained TwAm Processor license key to the New License Key box.
  8. Click Apply, and press Enter.
  9. To close the License Manager, click OK.
  10. To restart the InSite Creative Workflow services, open a command-prompt window, and type restart twam.

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