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Requirements: The file must be separable and it must reside in a project. If you want to associate the color density reading with a specific task, the task's status must not be set.

Note: In a collaboration session, only the session controller can check the color density.

  • Perform one of the following actions:


Do this

Check the color density of a particular area of an image

Click Densitometer , position the cursor where you want to measure the color, and click.
The densities of the C, M, Y , K, and spot colors in that position appear. Spot colors are listed in the same order as in the Separations panel.
Note: Color density readings are revision-specific. If you take a reading in one revision of a file, the reading will not appear in any other revisions of the file.

Save (post) the color density reading (Available only if a task is assigned)

Click the pin icon that appears on the color density reading. This "posts" the reading—that is, the reading is saved with the file like an annotation. If you change the file that is displayed in Smart Review or quit Smart Review, the next time you open the file in Smart Review, the saved density reading will appear. You can save an unlimited number of posted color density readings in a file.
If you do not post the reading, it is not saved with the file; the reading disappears when you change files, change revisions of a file, or quit Smart Review.
You can have only one unposted color density reading per file. If you take a reading, do not post it and then take another reading in a different area of the image, the first reading disappears.
Only posted readings appear in the Annotations Manager dialog box.

Delete a posted color density reading

Perform one of the following actions:

  • Right-click (Ctrl+click on a Mac computer) the reading and select Delete.
  • In the Annotations panel, right-click the row of the color density reading that you want to delete, and select Delete.
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