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You can check the color accuracy and calibration status of your monitor in Smart Review.
When you open a file in Smart Review, the image is rendered according to the color target that is assigned to the file. The MV Indicator icon, , in the view and zoom tools area of the Smart Review window displays the Matchprint Virtual calibration profile in use and provides information about whether you are using a supported, color-calibrated monitor. The color target icon, , that appears under the MV Indicator icon, displays the color target that is in use and indicates if any spot color is not found in the color database. If you are not using a supported, color-calibrated monitor, you can open the file and annotate it in Smart Review, but you cannot perform color approval.
In case the file you are viewing only contains RGB elements and all elements have the same color profile as defined for the RGB color target, you can view the file with its intended color profile on a calibrated monitor. i.e: you can view sRGB as sRGB, Adobe RGB as Adobe RGB, and Apple RGB as Apple RGB.

Note: If the Strict Profile Match option for the RGB color target is disabled (active for sRGB only), files with any color profiles that only contain RGB elements will be viewed as sRGB. i.e.: sRGB as sRGB, Adobe RGB as sRGB, and Apple RGB as sRGB.

The separations panel displays a list of color separations in the file, with any warnings that apply. You can still perform color approval when there are warnings on the separations.

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