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Note: Using digital printers with Prinergy Evo is a licensed option.

You can send files from Prinergy Evo to any digital printer that accepts PDF files. When sending files to digital printers, use process templates.

Using process templates
This method is the same as sending files to proofers and other devices: you select items and start a process using either the output from a PDF process template or an output from imposition process template.
The main advantage of using process templates is that they can automate the printing process by using JDF to communicate with the printer. Therefore, you can specify the details of the print job in Prinergy Evo without having to use any other software.
In addition, process templates give you the ability to:

  • Print many types of items, including signatures, page sets, and pages
  • Use either vector PDFs or raster PDFs. See Choosing an output type for digital printers.
  • Automatically impose pages or page sets while printing. Automatically lay out 1-up artworks or artwork sets while printing.

Before using this method, create a process template for the digital printer. See Creating process templates for digital printers. When you've completed this step, submit your input files to the process template.

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