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Permanent features of your Prinergy Evo system are licensed by a single key. Temporary features may be enabled by adding additional time-limited licenses to your system.

The permanent key and any temporary keys appear under the License Keys section of the License Information dialog box. If you buy additional permanent features or make changes to purchased options, you are assigned a new license key that includes all the permanent features for which you are licensed.

To view your license keys

Use this procedure to view your licenses, including which options are licensed and their expiry dates.

  1. On the Prinergy Evo server, from the License menu, select Manage License Key.
  2. In the Unique System ID box, view the identification code for your system.
  3. In the License Keys box, select the license key for which you want to view information.
  4. View the information about that license, including:



    Option column

    The name of the option—for example, the JTP name

    Instances column

    The number of instances of the option that you are licensed to use. For example, you can confirm how many Refine JTPs you are entitled to run on your system.

    Expiry Date column

    The date the option expires—for example, you may be using some options on a trial basis

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each item in the License Keys box.

To retrieve your license keys

See Retrieving license keys.

To obtain a new license key for an updated version of the software

See Licensing.

To review licensed options that are available with the software

Extend your Prinergy Evo system with features whose benefits range from improved output quality to increased system reliability. For purchasing information, contact your sales representative.

To request a temporary license key to assess an option

You can obtain temporary licenses for particular features in order to run features on a trial basis. After a predetermined date, the license expires and the feature is disabled.

Add a temporary license key in the same manner as a permanent license key. Once you enter a temporary license key, the license key itself does not appear in Prinergy Evo Administrator again. However, any related features appear in the features list when you view licensed options, and the Expiry Date column indicates when the feature will expire. Prinergy Evo monitors licenses on a regular basis and issues a warning when a temporary license is about to expire.

To remove a license key

Before adding a new permanent base license key, remove the old permanent base license. Prinergy Evo Workflow allows only one base license on a system at a time.

  1. Stop Prinergy Evo Workflow on all servers in the system.
  2. On the primary Prinergy Evo server, from the License menu, select Manage License Key.
  3. In the License Keys box, select the license key that you want to remove.
  4. Click Remove License Key.
  5. Click Remove.
  6. Click Yes to confirm you want to remove the license key.
    Important: Removing a license key disables all associated features.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If you are finished working with licenses, start Prinergy Evo on all servers in the system.

To obtain a license key when there is no Internet connection

See Retrieving license keys.

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