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Prinergy Evo software is PDF-based prepress software that organizes prepress and plate production. Prinergy Evo software supports tasks such as trapping, proofing, filmmaking and platemaking of single page and imposition PostScript, PDF, and imposition files. Prinergy Evo software can be configured to act as the output processing engine for a proofing, filmmaking, or platemaking device by directly processing PDF or PostScript Level 2 or PostScript 3 files.

Prinergy Evo software enables you to import populated job ticket impositions. Pages and impositions can be proofed and plated.

Prinergy Evo software supports automated operation via:

  • Hot folders
  • Virtual printers using either AppleTalk or LPR IP
  • Template palettes
  • The File > Refine to PDF, Output from Imposition, Output from PDF, Output from TIFF, Output PS, or CEPS Output process templates

Prinergy Evo is a client/server system, meaning there can be many client computers connected to and running from one server. In a client/server system, client and server computers work together to perform the processing of an application. Clients are connected to the server via network connections and shared folders. The client software sends a request via a network connection to the server software, which initiates the requested service, then sends the relevant information back to the client software.

After you have installed the Prinergy Evo Server software, on the Prinergy client computer, mount the Prinergy Evo server shared folders, install, and start the Prinergy Evo Client software. (You can also install the Prinergy Evo Client software from the Prinergy Evo DVD). Once both Prinergy Evo Client and Server software are installed and running, configure your process templates, hot folders, Refine to PDF virtual print drivers, and template palettes from the Prinergy Evo client computer.


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