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Fixed in version 8.1.2

PRINERGY-45954: Internal installer improvements

Fixed in version 8.1

All of the fixed bugs for Prinergy Evo Workflow 8.1 are Prinergy 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x bugs that also apply to Evo.

PR IDDescription
PRINERGY-22956Cutting data that Printlink writes in final output is incorrect and results in the cut blocks being offset.
PRINERGY-27585Need a new mark for the Plate ID that will only print in the color specified in Preps.
PRINERGY-27913Depending on imposition, Signature Booklet sometimes paints proof marks over top of page content on step and repeat jobs.
PRINERGY-28677A PDF with Pattern fill fails to process when trapped.

RGB-to-CMYK Perceptual Rendering with IDEAlliance GRACol2006, SWOP C3 and C5 causes a scum dot.


Image mask with darken transparency blending mode knocks out background in Adobe PDF Print Engine.

PRINERGY-31411Spot colors preview incorrectly in vector PDF output viewed with Acrobat Overprint Preview when using variable $[color_offset] or $[color]

Various RGB-to-CMYK conversions done using Profile Pairs cause scum dot in white point.

PRINERGY-31513Color Matcher-generated objects for traps cause RIP output to fail.

Character shifts when output with 90 rotation and mirror via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Image with transparent clipping mask missing on output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.

PRINERGY-32529Back surface of an imposed signature fails to output when ColorFlow variable marks are included in the Slugline mark.

Specific file with Axial Smooth Shading outputs incorrectly via Adobe PDF Print Engine.

PRINERGY-33078Trapper JTP or plugin crashes with access violation error when trying to trap files.
PRINERGY-33354PDF file with Roboto font causes an access violation error.

Artifact appears on output when using certain layout shift amount via Adobe PDF Print Engine.

PRINERGY-33664PDF fails with unknown PM error via Adobe PDF Print Engine.
PRINERGY-34248DataMatrixPage mark doesn't output properly.

Layer data is missing from a PDF that has multiple 'nested' layers with the same name.

PRINERGY-34284Font disappears when using Adobe PDF Print Engine to output.
PRINERGY-34365Refine with ColorConvert to gray of K-only Indexed CMYK images produces incorrect results.

Text in a transparency group is shifted when color-matched during refine.


Vector Overprint handling on output rendering transparent objects incorrectly (changing blend modes)


Alpha is Shape parameter getting reset during refine, causing text in a transparency group to shift.


Thin line artifact on 2400 dpi output if 270 rotation is applied and with certain marks margin settings via Adobe PDF Print Engine. 


PDF with certain Axial shading objects outside the trim area outputs incorrectly via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Artifact appears on high resolution APPE output when a certain layout size is applied.

PRINERGY-35419ColorConvert "Preserve Any CMYK Pure Black for Graphics" is not applied  when tints are in Separation Black color space.
PRINERGY-35472Refine with ColorConvert to gray K-only of ICCBased RGB images ruins their appearance.
PRINERGY-35644Pattern fill disappears when processed by Color Matcher.
PRINERGY-35695IS screening APPE output is missing a bitmap image 
PRINERGY-35723Colored Tiling pattern shifts on APPE and CPSI output.
PRINERGY-35870DataMatrixSurface barcode marks either do not print at all, or else they are positioned incorrectly.
PRINERGY-35871DataMatrixPage barcode marks do not print correctly.
PRINERGY-35882ColorFlow output fails when a surface contains unassigned (blank) pages

When converting CMYK to DeviceGray some objects are displayed incorrectly in the resulting refined PDF.


Artifact on output of specific file when rotation set to zero degrees when output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Artifact on pattern object in specific file at 2400 dpi output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Text with negative word spacing applied shifts in relation to its transparent mask when refined.

PRINERGY-36298Final Output Fails with Maxtone SX and Set Halftone Phase selected
PRINERGY-36373Artifact on 2400 dpi output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.
PRINERGY-36384A PDF file that contains Roboto font causes an access violation error.

A certain imposed job fails in output with 2400 dpi 180 rotated output with APPE 2.5.


PDF placed twice on surface outputs with corrupt font on one of the pages.

PRINERGY-36458Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss softmasks in patches 16.8 and 16.10 output incorrectly with Overprint Handling
PRINERGY-36459Multiply Transparency swatches in patches 16.1 and 16.2 output incorrectly when Colormatched with certain IOS ICC profile
PRINERGY-36524A certain layout fails to output with Maxtone SX.

A certain file with DotShop applied fails to output with "all screens do not have same bit depth".

PRINERGY-36834Colormatcher: Grey box appears when using Overprint Handling.
PRINERGY-36837Setting Maxtone SX screening with DotShop and enabling HyperFlex Classic in Output Process Templates causes output to fail.
PRINERGY-36865Separated PDF Vector Output of certain PDF contains empty separation.

Vector overprint handling generated objects change the appearance of a soft mask transparency effect when spots are mapped to process colors

PRINERGY-37359Nchannel shading object causes color shift in transparent objects below it.
PRINERGY-37430Vector Overprint Handling results in incorrect output with device link profiles.
PRINERGY-37577Non-variable text in sheet mark PDF scales incorrectly when character spacing is -0.0002.
PRINERGY-37590DotShop screening is being applied to many more objects on Output than have been selected in file.
PRINERGY-37654PDFs containing the Geneva system font from Mac OS X 10.6 and later fail to refine.

When you select certain impositions with many signatures and pages and try to output them together, the create process will timeout/error.


Hairline artifact appears on high resolutions output for certain PDF when rotated on output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.

PRINERGY-37762New objects created by Vector Overprint Handling appear as knockouts.

License problem in Prinergy 6.1 and 7.0 causes seamless screening not to work.

PRINERGY-37795Processing particular Dalim PDF with Color Matcher and Trapper results in artifacts in refined page.
PRINERGY-37823Imposed high-resolution VPS output hangs on new 620 server.
PRINERGY-37834Output fails if ColorFlow is enabled and the surface contains unassigned pages, and $[ColorSetupName] variable mark used.

Drop shadows cause access violation failure in trapper.

PRINERGY-37914Soft mask transparency with overprint causes image to disappear.
PRINERGY-38025Proof JTP hangs intermittently on High Performance Premium hardware when generating EPS Raster to print queue.
PRINERGY-38153Improvements to temporary A9R file generation and cleanup related to Color Matcher and Vector Output.
PRINERGY-38167Color Convert refine processing of a certain file ruins the appearance of the text in a transparency group
PRINERGY-38191Imposed hires VPS output hangs on new 620 server
PRINERGY-382152400 dpi renderer with vector overprint handling applied to traps outputs incorrectly, but other resolutions are OK.
PRINERGY-38582Certain Type 1 Fonts get corrupted on Refine when color-matched or trapped.
PRINERGY-38697Veneer Font goes missing when processed with Color Matcher or when using Convert Text to Paths.
PRINERGY-38712DataMatrixSurface barcode marks print incorrectly when multiple surfaces are selected for output.
PRINERGY-39034Axial shading DeviceN gradient disappears when processed by Color Matcher with CPSI.
PRINERGY-39556RIP renders transparent area incorrectly in specific file.
PRINERGY-39563Gradients shift when processed with Color Matcher or trapper on CPSI.
PRINERGY-40037Drop shadows cause access violation failure in trapper.
PRINERGY-40227ColorConvert vector overprint objects change appearance of transparency effect

Maxtone SX fails to output when specific characters appear within the MNZA_TempFolder path entry in the system registry or if an Output JTP is named with a specific character (such as a hyphen "-") in Prinergy 7.5.

PRINERGY-41187Normalize fails when multiple files are submitted to template.
PRINERGY-41332Pattern artifact appears on high-resolution output.
PRINERGY-42047Overprint Handling creates box artifact in PDF with Multiply blend mode.
PRINERGY-42369Objects with certain blend modes render too light when on Shading or Drop Shadows and Overprint Handling is enabled in the Color Matcher.

Colormatcher: Convert to Process with Overprint Handling ON creates new objects that appear corrupted.

PRINERGY-42832Part of a transparent object renders incorrectly from APPE

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