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Tiling is normally used in proofing or when outputting an image to film.

Because tiling is not part of the Adobe job ticket specification and Preps cannot output a tiled job ticket (imposition plan), you must tile in Prinergy Evo.

  1. Create an output from imposition template for each tile that you need.
  2. In the Layout section, Media area, Size list, select Cut Sheet.
  3. In the Max Width box, type the maximum width of the device media sheet.
  4. In the Max Height box, type the maximum height of the device media sheet.
  5. In the Layout section, Placement area, clear the Center Along Width and Center Along Height check boxes.
  6. For Tile 1, from the File menu, select Save.
  7. Submit the PJTF file for processing. A process template with these settings will automatically clip tiled output on the right because of the media size. See the Example - tiling output.
  8. For each additional tile, follow steps 1 to 7, except in the Layout section, Media area, Shift Along Width box, type the appropriate amount of offset for the next tile. The offset value should not be greater than the width of the media because you need some overlap to match the tiles.
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