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Use relative file paths when defining output file locations in the File Delivery section and ICC profiles in the Match Colors section of both the Refine to PDF process template dialog box and output process template dialog boxes, the PrintLink section of the output process template dialog boxes, and when defining OPI and Font search paths in the Refine to PDF process template dialog box.

Relative file paths enable you to reuse the same process template for different jobs, guaranteeing that the output file is saved to the correct location and that the OPI and font search paths do not break.

Important: You can use relative file paths only if you submit your files via the template palette or File menu submission channels. Relative output paths in process templates attached to hot folder and virtual printers do not work because the input file is not within the job folder structure. In the case of the hot folder and virtual printers, the input file is inside one of the work folders. Therefore, Prinergy Evo software will place the output files somewhere relative to the work folder and not the JobData folder subfolders. We recommend that when you submit input files to Prinergy Evo software via hot folder or virtual printer submission channels, you type a direct output path in the Device Path box in the File Delivery section in the process template dialog box.

When creating a relative path, you can use the following placeholders:



.|The current directory or folder

..|The parent directory or folder


The drive letter or <local share> of the file path. For example, JobData.


The name and position of the folder or subfolder--where <N> is a number or integer


The label given to the process in the Job box on the Process Start dialog box.

Note: If defining relative paths for ICC profiles in the Match Colors section of a process template, you can use only the *.* or *..* placeholder.

The .* and *..* relative path placeholders can be useful for organizing files within a particular volume, whereas the *[volume], [folderN], and [job] placeholders can be useful when organizing files into folders on a remote server or when moving to a new volume. For example, you may want to use the [volume], [folderN], and [job] placeholders if you want to automatically output to an FTP site or some other remote location outside of the particular job folder.

Prinergy Evo software takes the actual values of these placeholders from the input file path.

The placeholders are case insensitive.

If you specify more placeholders than are available in your folder structure, then the process fails with an error.

The [volume], [folderN], and [job] placeholders can be useful if you have a general location where you send processed files so that output files can be organized within that location. For example, if you have a particular server where you put your customer's proofs, you can use the placeholders to automatically organize the proof outputs into folders on an exposed server that your customers can connect to remotely from the Prinergy Evo server computer.

For example:
Your folder hierarchy structure is set up as follows:

OPI_images Fonts Source
OPI_images Fonts Source
Customer<name1> Customer<name2>

JobData = [folder1]
Customer<name#>, Output_VPS_Files = [folder2]
OPI_images, Fonts, Source = [folder3]

Relative path to output to Prinergy Virtual Proofing System (VPS) software proof

If you specified a path of:
and you submitted an input file from Customer<name1>\Source, Prinergy Evo software creates a Refined_Masters folder in the same directory tree as the Source folder, and the actual output path becomes: D:\JobData\Customer<name1>\Refined_Masters 

If you specified a path of:

and you submitted an input file from Customer<name1>\Source, and in the Process Start dialog box, Job box, you typed Customer<name1>_VPS, the actual path becomes: D:\ JobData\Output_VPS_Files\Customer<name1>\Customer<name1>_VPS

Alternatively, if you specified a relative path of:
and you submitted the files from Customer<name1>\Source, Prinergy Evo would send output files to D:\ JobData\Output_VPS_Files\Customer<name1>

Relative paths for OPI and Fonts 

You can specify a relative path of ..\OPI_images and ..\Fonts, and the system will search for the OPI_Images and Fonts folders one level up from where the input file was submitted (for example, Source).
Alternatively if you specified a relative path of:
Prinergy Evo will always look in the second level folder, that is, Customer<name>, for the OPI_images or Fonts folder.

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