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What is printlink?

PrintLink software generates PPF (Print Production Format) files for digital ink key preset systems.
The PrintLink process uses three machines:

  • Prinergy Evo client computer
  • PPF File Reader computer
  • Press console

Traditionally, a plate scanner is used to produce ink key presets. PrintLink is a digital replacement for a plate scanner.

CIP3 and CIP4 compliance

PPF files produced by PrintLink comply with the International Cooperation for Integration of Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP3 and CIP4) PPF file specification. CIP3 and CIP4 has established an open standard for exchanging information among print production devices from multiple vendors, including platesetters, and presses.

The standard specifies the Print Production Format for communicating ink coverage information, printing form geometries, and other information for digital ink key presets.

Benefits of using printlink

Compared to scanning plates, PrintLink provides more accurate coverage information. This leads to faster makeready and less waste.

Instead of scanning the imaged plate to estimate ink coverage, PrintLink uses the same digital source data that Prinergy Evo uses to image the plate. Thus, you can achieve a level of accuracy and repeatability not found with traditional plate scanners. In addition, you eliminate plate scanning time and risk of plate damage.

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