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Font converters are applications used to convert font files into PFA (Printer Font ASCII) format.

When to use font converters

You do not need to use a font converter when fonts are embedded in the input files or when the input files reference the base 193 Adobe fonts, which are already in PFA format.

For font files that are not in a PFA format and are not embedded, you may want to use a font conversion tool, such as Fontlab's TransType, to convert western 1-byte fonts for Prinergy Evo.

For an input file to use converted fonts, the input file requires a font search path set in the Refine to PDF process template to the folder where the converted fonts are stored. (The font search path tells Prinergy Evo software where to find the fonts for the file.) When Prinergy Evo software refines the input file, the Normalizer embeds font information from the specified Fonts folder in the PDF pages it creates during the Refine to PDF process.

See Setting font paths for more information.

How Prinergy Evo searches for fonts

When Prinergy Evo software processes an input file and detects missing fonts, it automatically looks in the location specified in the font search path.

If Prinergy Evo software detects missing fonts and if the process template has the Try Emulation First check box selected, Prinergy Evo software tries to synthesize the missing font using Adobe's SuperATM Font Library. If the process template has the Try Emulation First check box cleared or Prinergy Evo software was unable to simulate the missing font, Prinergy Evo software uses the font specified in the Default Font box (the system default is Courier).

When Prinergy Evo uses converted fonts

Prinergy Evo software uses converted fonts during the Refine to PDF process. The Normalizer uses PFA fonts to embed font information in the PDF pages it produces.

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