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When you enable the Copydot section, the system automatically converts copydot images for optimal quality on your output device during output. Clear the Copydot section for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your pages have no copydot images
  • You are outputting at your target device resolution
  • You don't need high-quality copydot images in your page proofs

Kodak Copydot Toolkit software is a licensed feature in Prinergy Evo.

Select the Copydot section in the refine to PDF process template dialog box if your input file contains copydot data that is the wrong resolution and needs to be resampled to match the output device, or you want to perform trapping on a page that contains copydot data.

Prinergy Evo can protect copydot data from settings such as trapping and overprint, because you never want to trap copydot data or set it to knock out.

During output, select the Copydot section in the output process template to resample (1-bit output) or descreen (continuous tone output) copydot data to match the resolution of the target output device.

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