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Prinergy Evo software provides you with two preflight options: Standard and Advanced.
Standard PDF Preflight support enables you to set a standard, basic set of preflight conditions on the input files so that they are optimally output. You can set up standard preflight parameters in the PDF Preflight section of the refine to PDF process template dialog box.
Advanced PDF Preflight support enables you to set finer and more specific sets of conditions for preflight to look for. Therefore, if you know that you always run into certain problems with particular file types or files from a specific customer, you can configure those conditions in the Preflight Profile Editor.

Applying standard PDF Preflight conditions

The PDF Preflight section of a refine to PDF process template defines the profile used to check for errors and defines how to handle those errors. PDF Preflight defines how Prinergy Evo software:

  • Writes colors to the job ticket
  • Down-samples images
  • Compresses images
  • Writes to a new file to remove unused objects
  • Warns on missing images and fonts
  • Warns on low-resolution images
  • Warns on non-press, or non-grey color spaces for images and vector data
  • Creates alternate images (this requires a second pass through the PDF file)
  • Writes page colors or "painted colorants" (only the ones actually used, omits hidden ones).
  • Writes the aggregate list of colors for all pages and a per-page list
  • Uses preflight profiles
  • Creates reports

Applying advanced PDF Preflight conditions

You set up your advanced PDF Preflight conditions and profiles in the Preflight Profile Editor that you installed as stand alone software when you installed the Prinergy Evo Client software. You can open the Preflight Profile Editor from the Configure menu in the Process Viewer.

Once you have defined your advanced PDF Preflight conditions, in the PDF Preflight section, Advanced area of the refine to PDF process template dialog box, you select the required PDF Preflight profile you created in the PDF Preflight Editor.

For more information on using the Preflight Profile Editor, see the PDF Preflight Profile Editor Help.

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