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  1. On the UNIX server computer, create a shared network folder or hot folder.
    For information on creating shared network folders, see your UNIX operating system documentation.
  2. Make sure Services for UNIX is installed and active on your Prinergy Evo server computer.
    For information on installing Services for UNIX, see your Windows documentation.
    A Network File System portal appears in Windows Explorer > My NetWork Places > Entire Network.
  3. In the Process Template Editor dialog box, from the File menu, select New Output <process template type> Template.
    For example, New Output from PDF Template.
  4. In the new Process Template dialog box, follow the instructions in the Creating an output process template topic, except:
    1. In the process template dialog box File Delivery section, select Send Processed File to.
    2. In the Device Path box, click Browse.
  5. In the File Browse dialog box, select Network.
  6. Double-click Network File System.
  7. Select the UNIX server and shared folder to which you want to submit processed files.
  8. Click Select <name of shared folder>.
  9. Set the remaining parameters for the process template as required.
  10. From the File menu, select Save to save the new process template.
  11. Create a submission channel.
    For example: See Creating a new single-process hot folder to output to proof, film, or plate. Attach the output process template to the output hot folder.
    The Prinergy Evo server computer must have administrative privileges on all hot folders. Kodak recommends that all hot folders reside on the Prinergy Evo server computer.
  12. Submit the file to the submission channel for processing. Once Prinergy Evo has finished processing the file, it sends the file to the shared folder on the UNIX server computer.
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