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In the the Prinergy Evo Administrator dialog box, use the Save/Restore tab to see when you last saved your Prinergy Evo system configurations, the location of your last saved file, and details on recently saved Prinergy Evo system configurations.

When you save your current Prinergy Evo system configurations, the Save operation saves only the Prinergy Evo system configuration, not the Prinergy Evo install, processing data, or system drive. It does not replace your system backup. For recommended system backup practices, see the Prinergy Evo System Administration Guide.

  1. Stop the Prinergy Evo Server software
  2. In the Save/Restore tab, click Save.
  3. In the Save Prinergy Evo Configuration dialog box, in the Choose destination for saved configuration file box, type a location and a file name to save the Prinergy Evo system configurations, or click the button to navigate to a different location.
  4. In the Select configurations you wish to back up area, select all check boxes to save all configurations (System Configuration, User Configuration, ColorFlow, Harmony Curves, and Static Data) or select a subset of configurations.
    Warning: Selective restoration of system properties or configurations may cause compatibility issues. Use this feature with caution.
  5. If you leave the Enter an optional description for this file if you wish box empty, the default description will give the date and time the configuration was saved.
  6. Complete the remaining parameters as required.
  7. Click Save Now to save the configuration settings.
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