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You need to prepare separated PostScript from QuarkXPress software if:

  • You want to maintain QuarkXPress traps
  • You are using TIFF files that are colorized with spot colors and are not using the Kodak color TIFF XTension
  • You are encountering a problem with QuarkXPress composite PostScript
  • You have placed DCS files and either want to work fat or the DCS is vector-based or a format that cannot be merged during OPI

When printing PostScript, you should select a printer driver and PPD that support color devices. Prinergy Evo supplies a Prinergy Refiner PPD that meets this criteria (Prinergy Refiner.ppd), which you installed during the Prinergy Evo Client software installation. You can also use the Prepress Xtension from Imation or Kodak.

You should include registration marks when preparing your PostScript files. In the Print dialog box, in the Registration box, select either Centered or Off Center. These marks will automatically be applied when the file is refined. You will be able to view and modify the settings using Kodak's Acrobat Geometry Editor plug-in.

When creating thin PostScript, use an OPI replacement file. If you use the QuarkXPress 4.x Omit feature, the OPI replacement feature in Prinergy Evo may not work properly, and you may need to use the QuarkXPress OPITaylor software to create your thin PostScript files.

Prinergy Evo's OPI can be used to merge high resolution separations from DCS multiple files into composite input files. To do this, place the DCS control file in QuarkXPress software and print composite PostScript with Omit EPS enabled. In the Refine to PDF Process Template Editor dialog box, Normalize section, Images area, Search Path Order box, add an OPI search path which points to the location of the high-resolution files from the DCS set. Alternately, you can use an OPI link file which points to the DCS control file, and print composite PostScript with Omit EPS disabled.

If you are using QuarkXPress software to create OPI comments for a DCS control file, the control file must contain a preview; otherwise, QuarkXPress software may not include the DCS header information which is required for OPI to work.

QuarkXPress software 4.x allows you to set a bleed measurement. This value defaults to 0 but should be set to the desired value, for example, 1/8" or 4 mm.

If you are using QuarkXPress software 6.x and have spot colors in your document, be sure to select DeviceN for your Print Colors in the Output section of QuarkXPress's print dialog box. If you print as Composite CMYK from QuarkXPress 6.x, spot colors may be missing from the input file.

It is a best practice to always include or embed fonts in your input files.

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