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  1. Turn on the device - for example, a Trendsetter platesetter or Lotem Quantum Spectrum proofer.
  2. Start Print Console or Kodak CS Xpose.
  3. In the Prinergy Evo Client software, from the Configure menu, select Process Templates.
  4. In the Process Template Editor dialog box, select a process template group.
  5. From the File menu, select New Output from TIFF Template.
  6. In the Output from TIFF process template dialog box, Output To list, select printing-to-device-TIFF.
  7. Set the remaining parameters as required.
  8. From the File menu, select Save as to save the new process template.
  9. Create a submission channel.
    For example: Configure a hot folder attaching the output TIFF process template to the hot folder.

    The Prinergy Evo server computer must have administrative privileges on all hot folders. Kodak recommends that all hot folders reside on the Prinergy Evo server computer.
    Configure the template palette, and attach the required output TIFF process templates.

  10. Submit the 1-bit TIFF input file to the submission channel.
    Prinergy Evo sends the 1-bit TIFF file directly to the device for imaging.
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