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Previous versions of Prinergy Evo ignored the extra spot color channels in Photoshop TIFF images. You were advised to convert the images to Photoshop DCS images and replace them in the original layout. Now you can instruct the system to include the spot color channels in addition to the CMYK channels during OPI image replacement.

This feature is controlled by the Include Spot Colors in Photoshop TIFFs check box in the Images area of the Normalize section of the refine to PDF process template.

When this feature is enabled, the OPI engine merges the CMYK color channels with all spot color channels to produce a single, multi-channel "DeviceN" image. Further refine processing, such as color matching and trapping, functions correctly for these images. When this feature is disabled, all the spot color channels in the image file are ignored.

Spot color channels are created and edited using the Channels palette in Photoshop. Note that although Photoshop includes the name of the spot color channel, it does not include the "recipe", so you are advised to enable the Lookup Recipe in Color Database check box in the Spot Color Handling section to provide an accurate color recipe for proper color matching and trapping.

Be aware that InDesign will not omit TIFFs for OPI containing spot colors, even when OPI is selected in the Print dialog box. As a workaround, follow these general steps:

  1. Create a CMYK OPI proxy file of the TIFF.
  2. Place the CMYK proxy image in InDesign.
  3. Print thin PostScript including OPI comments (but omitting images).
  4. In Prinergy Evo, add the TIFF file containing the desired spot color channels into an OPI search path location.
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